Caitlin S.

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Dave was instrumental in creating a training approach for my dog Willa and I that was effective and also catered to her specific needs/personality. It was immediately clear upon meeting him the care and energy he puts into his craft as a dog trainer. He took his time to ensure that I understood how to best support Willa in training at the lessons and also at home.

I was beyond impressed by how quickly I noticed a change and improvement in Willa just after lesson one! He helps to establish clear boundaries for the dog and teach the handler how to put the lessons into practice in an approachable, step by step guide.

While the training journey has just begun for her and I, I cannot thank Dave enough for his help and support thus far! Sit Means Sit is an incredible program led by Dave and I highly recommend it to those who want a training program that will give you the skills to support your dog and their training journey for the rest of their life! Willa and I thank you so much!!

Bridget T.

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Dave is amazing! I have a 3 year old chihuahua/terrier mix, which is just an absolutely insane combination. Dave’s program worked like a charm to help focus her and, simply put, turn on her listening ears. She’s gained so much confidence in the last month and her behavior is noticeably calmer. I’d recommend Sit Means Sit to anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of dog training and for anyone who’s ready to commit to the consistency it takes to get true results.

Brian & Tricia M.

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Knoxx is now a great companion.  He was a rescue dog that was out of control.  Thanks to Sit Means Sit, we now have control of our house again.

Becca M.

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We had such a lovely experience working with the Sit Means Sit crew! They were thorough, accommodating, and an absolute pleasure to work with. They were happy to answer any questions and always willing to go the extra mile to make training sessions impactful and enjoyable. We feel confident as ever to work with our 2 year old mini Aussie and correct unwanted behaviors. Grateful for this team!

Addison L.

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Getting my dog trained by Dave at Sit Means Sit was the best decision ever! Immediately, I noticed changes for the better in my dogs in his leash walking as well his obedience. I also believe that it has created a better relationship with my dog and I as he looks at me for reassurance and checks back in with my while off leash. I am so glad I chose to go with Sit Means Sit and would recommend it to anyone struggling with their pup!